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We are pioneers in the world that merge energy efficiency, technology, and convenience. Our mission is to design and develop the world’s best and most affordable energy efficiency products based on new technologies, while maintaining energy conservation techniques at the heart of our structure. As a young and vibrant design manufacturer, CVMORE has committed to be always unique and professional.

LED Lighting

Led lighting help us save up to 95% of the electricity energy. LED lamps use 1/10 of the energy used by an incandescent light lamp and 1/6 of the energy used by energy saving lamps.

Air Conditioners

CVMORE air conditioners are focused on energy efficiency technology, offering more than the proper balance for fresh air, moisture and clean air.


Quick and effective humidity removal from your room, house or business office with CVMORE dry dehumidifiers.

Smart Home

Create the ideal temperature & lighting conditions for your own spaces.

Smart Security

Monitor your property Anytime, Anywhere! High quality security and surveillance products to make your home, office or warehouse safer!


Modbus is one of the most commonly used protocol in automation systems worldwide, not only for industrial automation but also for Building automation.

Power Monitoring

CVMORE cloud-based Energy Management Solution offers a robust tool for energy management professionals to monitor energy activity on their network.

Original Design Manufacturing

We are the ideal partner for custom-made solutions in small as well as high-scale projects, residential or commercial. We are delivering solutions that are customized to your specific needs.