Create your Ideal Atmosphere

CVMORE atmo mini splits

CVMORE air conditioning technology is focused on energy efficient, offering more than the proper balance for fresh air, moisture and clean air. They ultimately provide the ideal atmosphere and performance for your residence or business.

CVMORE airconditioners are designed and build on high standards for long lasting performance that will satisfy your individual, demanding needs. The modern, elegant design of the indoor panels will add a special and unique touch to your everyday life!

9000-12000-18000-24000 BTUs

Α+++ energy class

Ideal cooling & heating function, for major energy savings.

Cold Plasma ioniser

Effective sterilization kills more bacteria, helps you remove odors and create better air quality with more negative oxygen ions.

Αuto Restart Function

If the air conditioner due to the power failure goes off, it will restart with the previously selected setting automatically when the power resumes.

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