CVMORE Vento series

CVMORE’s air-conditioning technology focuses on energy efficiency, providing an appropriate balance of humidity in the air. This creates virtually the ideal atmosphere and performance for your home or your business.

CVMORE air-conditioners have been designed and built according to meet the highest standards of durability that meet your personal needs. The modern and yet elegant look of external details, will give a special and unique touch to your every day life!

AVAILABLE AT: 9000-12000-18000-24000 BTU

A++ Energy class

Perfect cooling and heating operation, with significant energy savings.

Τriple Filter

Active Carbon: The Activer Carbon filter absorbs dust and bacteria particles.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C adds vitamin C to the skin that softens the skin and reduces stress levels
Cold Catalyst: Cold Catalyst filters to degrade odor

Wi-Fi Ready

Wi-Fi ready control mode that allows you to prepare your room temperature and conditions at any time.

Additional Functions

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