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Dehumidifiers CVMORE dry

Quick and effective humidity removal from your room, house or business office with CVMORE dry dehumidifiers.
Save energy and enhance the room performance of your space, as lower humidity spaces need much shorter time to warm up. Therefore, you could save on your monthly energy bills.

Moisture often results in high levels of mold in places like the bathroom, closets, ceilings and in the walls behind furniture which are not often moved. When using CVMORE Dehumidifier you will be able to improve your daily living and improve your home conditions, without any moisture & mold.

Choose CVMORE Dry series for long lasting performance that will satisfy your individual and demanding needs!

Automatic stop when the canister is full.

When the canister is full, operation is shut down, to avoid overflow.

Activated carbon

Works against unpleasant odours and microorganisms in the atmosphere in the area of its operation.

Αuto Restart

Restart operation after a power cut, with the same settings you had chosen.

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