Collect energy consumption information about energy loads

Power Monitoring

Many manufacturers are asking themselves the question as to whether and how they can continue to produce goods cost efficiently in the future. The transport and industry sector are obviously the worst affected from energy costs due to their enormous demand for energy. One solution to reducing energy consumption is intelligent Energy Management Systems (EnMS).
ISO 50001 sets the baseline for energy efficiency. The principles in ISO 50001 will help any organization to make significant energy savings. The proper software will help organizations to maximize these savings. It costs half the time and resources to collect the proper data in order to have the correct picture of your consumptions.
An Energy Management Software (EnMS) enables an organization to become certified to ISO 50001 a lot faster than they would in the absence of the software
The main drivers for using an EnMS software and setting an energy strategy are likely to include:

  • Minimising costs without impacting performance
  • Reducing carbon emissions and other environmental impacts
  • Complying with legislation
  • Improving reputation with key stakeholders

CVMORE cloud-based Energy Management Solution offers a robust tool for energy management professionals to monitor energy activity on their network. Our EnMS can generate advanced reports using detail data from your facilities to outline energy trends. Choose your load and time period and gain insight of kWh consumption, analytics and expected cost savings. We are building our energy software solution to be user friendly and meaningful for the best experience of each customer.

Advance reporting provided by CVMORE support engineers can be your best consultant towards energy efficiency and achieving your goals.
Reports are divided in three major categories